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Music and odd things that come full circle.

I wouldn’t have thought “Take 5” and “15 Steps” had a whole lot in common — other than I love both songs, so this mashup of  Dave Brubeck and Thom Yorke was a wonderful find.

Radiohead is what I always considered to be the last great rock band of my era as a music critic — I went to straight news right after  The Bends came out. I don’t have a lot of insider memories from that time — I used to really pride myself on NOT having them — but the half hour or so I spent drinking Ball Bass Ale with Phil Selway is one of those. They were playing Peabody’s DownUnder (when it was still in the Flats) and I remember sitting upstairs in the post-apocalyptic dressing room. That room only held about 450 people, packed to the walls, so you got the impression you were seeing something rare. You always got that sensation, but looking back, that time I was.

Anyway, mashups could be a great tool for music critics. I wish I would have been able to cobble together a few as audio extras back when I was writing about bands. It would have been a great way to explain my odd references to obscure bands when I was trying to make a point about Courtney Love or whomever.  Also, I think it would be cool to marry mashups with an audio database of the bands reviewed, and maybe to a list of past interviews by critic. That way someone reading would be able to say, well, she hates this record and I agree … or this woman is nuts, look at the bands she likes.

It’s the kind of thing I always wanted to be able to do when we launched the SCENE website back when, now that the technology has caught up it’s an idea worth revisiting, if anyone is listening.   It’s one of those things that the blogosphere is/will take over if commercial media doesn’t.

This particular bootleg medley comes from a French site, http://overdubsound.free.fr/bootleg/crbst_0.html that has a few other interesting tracks that you can check out free.

Cleveland may be the rock and roll capitol of the world (really?) but most of the Northeast Ohio music you remember comes from Akron, my current back yard. Just sayin’ — there’s Chrissie Hynde, Devo, the Black Keys and Dink — all from the rubber (now polymer) city.  So, it’s nice to know there’s still a music and arts scene here, even in a record setting snowfall (nifty video below).

On Friday, New Body Type held a CD release party at Square Records that was also the release of Modern Funnies Collection 1. In a shotgun shack of a record store with the sound bouncing off every wall, the two songs I heard still sounded pretty good — no-frills vocal and thundering rhythm section — enough potential for me to buy the CD, easily. I’m so thrilled to be able to pass along a little snippet of what I heard. Y’all discuss among yourselves. (Production note: You may notice I stayed on the drummer too long during a guitar solo…small camera, short woman, crowded room.)

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