She’s baaaaaaaack

Hello, World:

I’ve been a very bad blogger lately. My time has been taken up mostly by finishing up my book, which will be out sometime in the next five weeks. It’s called “Wicked Akron: Tales of Mobsters, Rumrunners and Other Rubber City Rogues.” Look for it, and I’ll talk more about it in a day or two.

What I want to do today is make sure all of you voting in Ohio’s 13th District get to see clips from Tom Ganley’s speech at the Cleveland Press Club. The successful local car dealer is the Republican running against incumbent Democrat Betty Sutton. (A link to Sutton’s speech is provided at the end of the video.)

Here’s the Headline, as far as I’m concerned. If elected, Ganley will join Republicans is dismantling initiatives put in place by President Obama. The example he gave was that it would be impossible for Republicans to rescind healthcare. “But we’ll defund it if we take back the house… then it will wither on the vine.”

Depending on your political stripe, that intention can be viewed with cheer or dread.

He also talked about bailouts and immigrants — he’s against them. Also concealed carry permits and tax breaks — he’s got the first and is for the latter.

It was pretty straightforward, party-line stuff before a friendly audience. I’ve included most of his 13-minute speech and a few questions, plus a link to where you can watch incumbent Betty Sutton’s earlier Press Club speech, and the full run of Ganley.

Yes, this was an excuse for me to use my new Canon Vixia HFS100 HD video camera and to trick out a few cross fades. However, I live in this district, so it’s also my bit for the political process.

Full disclosure: I sit on the Press Club board too, and I am currently a freelance reporter in search of a cool, new gig (which I may have found — more on that later).

In the mean time, spend some money at the Press Club Book Sale, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 6 at the Martin Center on the University of Akron Campus, where this was filmed. Proceeds go to budding journalists, public relations and communications students.

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