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Seriously, we’re gonna pack in bars???

Silly me, all these years my favorite order in bars has been a margarita. I guess I should have been asking for a Ruger…

The Ohio Senate today voted 23-10 (!) in favor of allowing firearms owners with a valid permit the right to bring their guns into bars.

Speaking as someone who tended bar for a few years and worked as a waitress for a few more a few eons ago: “What could possibly go wrong?”

Many of my friends (and both of my brothers) will likely say, “There she goes again. Another crazy liberal looking to take away my guns.”

That’s not anywhere close to the truth. Folks, I like guns. I like to shoot. I like to hold them in my hand, and if someone was threatening me and I had one I wouldn’t hesitate to fire.

I didn’t have a gun in my house when my nieces and nephews were little. They spent time here and I did not have a gun safe. I don’t think you can successfully hide anything from an inquisitive boy under the age of 9 anyway.

So, even if the law says its OK, a law that allows people to hide their guns in a roomful of possibly very inebriated people just doesn’t make sense.

Ohio sheriffs and police chiefs have objected to this, even though the legislation bars the concealed carriers from drinking any alcohol.

I thing cops (and bartenders, waitresses and even college professors) have a tough enough jobs. We shouldn’t make those jobs tougher.

You can argue that police knowingly take on the risk, but what about people in service jobs?

The bill’s supporters in the Republican-led Senate say the current law prohibiting concealed weapons turns bars and restaurants into “victim zones” where citizens can’t protect themselves.

I certainly would think twice before I forgot a diner’s refill if I had to work in one of these places.

The legislation now heads to the Ohio House, we’ll see what the Democrats do.

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