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Five or ten years ago, one would recommend a media colleague based on their performance on a platform; “good newspaper reporter” would have applied. “Excellent broadcaster” was another kudo; “strong writer and creative editor” could have served both broadcast and print. That was five or ten years ago. Today those in the media must show a capability to conquer all platforms, even develop a mastery. Kymberli made a decision early on to adapt to the landscape, learn the skills she would need for the next generation while building on the foundation of skills developed mastering the common threads that continue to make up what print, broadcast and digital all have in common: storytelling. There are differences found in today’s journalist, often pointing to whether they have a grasp of the mechanics or they have the strong skill set to tell a story with verve, compassion, and intelligence. Kymberli’s work demonstrates she can do both. That’s something you’ll see, read, and hear.

Ed Esposito, Vice President, Information Media at Rubber City Radio Group

“I was Kymberli Hagelberg’s editor at the Akron Beacon Journal in 2006. In 2010 and 2011, Kymberli was my editor at Patch. Having worked directly with her in both capacities, I can say she excels in both. She is the most fearless reporter I’ve ever known. She covers breaking news, hunts down investigative pieces and faces down snarling public officials without blinking. Smart, fair, tenacious. And always growing. When she saw the change coming on the print journalism landscape, the adapted. She learned broadcasting style, she turned digital and she’s becoming a fine photographer. Kymberli is the perfect combination of experience and quickly grasping – and living in – the changing media world.”

Dave Wilson, E-marketing specialist, Tremco

Kymberli Hagelberg is a valued trustee of the Akron Press Club board. She is an organized problem solver who brings enthusiasm to every task. Under her direction, our 2009 publicity and marketing campaign reaped record revenues, and her knowledge of Internet and social media has been key to our efforts to modernize the club’s Internet presence. Kymberli’s vast contacts in local business and media and her ability to communicate across channels make her a prized member of our team.

Ron Syroid, Past President, Akron Press Club

Kymberli brings a high energy level to any task she undertakes and her integrity is unmatched. She is reliable and totally trustworthy. I would recommend Kymberli without hesitation both personally and professionally.

Walt Abood, National Account Mgr, Verizon Wireless

Kymberli is unusual among reporters, an experienced journalist who embraces the multimedia approach necessary for 21st Century and still has the enthusiasm for business.

Jim Crutchfield, Former President and Publisher, Akron Beacon Journal

Kymberli has the attributes that every editor looks for in a reporter (or should look for) — insatiable curiosity, a dogged determination to get the facts and a storyteller’s instincts. Additionally, Kymberli is willing to take chances, with the types of stories she tries and how she tells them. And she was fun to work with. I’ll take a combination like that every time.

Thom Fladung, Managing Editor, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Kymberli has proved herself as one of Ohio’s most versatile journalists, working in alternatives, radio, newspapers, etc., covering everything from the latest rock sensation to fugitive financiers. There seems to be no story she’s afraid to tackle.

Stuart Warner, Lecturer, Case Western Reserve University, Former Associate Managing Editor, columnist, Akron Beacon Journal

When the call went out for Knight Ridder volunteers to head to the Mississippi Gulf coast to cover the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Kymberli Hagelberg was among the first in line. Her post-Katrina reporting demonstrated that she’s a quick study when dropped into an unfamiliar and chaotic situation. Kymberli’s reporting and writing showed a deft touch in dealing with storm survivors and her resourcefulness and flexibility were a great asset to the team.

Mizell Stewart III, Vice President of Content, E.W. Scripps Co.

Kymberli is a hard-working and tenacious reporter who seems to have a wealth of sources, and a unique command for knowing which of them would talk to her – and when. She was an asset to the department and found myriad ways to be cheerful, even when circumstances dictated that she shouldn’t have been.

Rick Jackson, Host, Ideastream (WVIZ PBS & WCPN NPR)

Kymberli Hagelberg was an excellent editor when we worked together at Scene Magazine. She was detail-oriented, a fantastic interviewer, and could ferret out typos like nobody’s business. I admired her professionalism in the workplace. She’s a hard worker and would be an excellent hire.

Peter Chakerian, Cleveland Writer/Editor

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